• During the 6th garde student trip to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, students have the opportunity to get into nature and experience its beauty.
  • Recreational opportunities also occur through the boy scouts and girl scouts program

"I liked that we learned what it takes to keep the environment safe."   -Sebastian L.


  • St. Mark's does a follow-up of the 6th grade trip to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center with individual service learning projects based on their experiences.
  • They are constantly addressing social justice issues through projects such as the 7th grade lead food drive and the 7th grade Kitui, Kenya Water for Life project.
  •  St. Mark's has a yearly Care-A-Thon project (a yearly fundraiser where students get pledges for doing service for others).  
  • 8th graders who are being confirmed are required to do service hours based on the Corporal Works of Mercy.  They also do individual service projects within the framework of "The Church"   


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  • St. Mark's educates its students in social justice, the environment, and church teaching through their daily religion classes and school projects and trips that they take throughout the year, including the week-long trip to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. Some of the activities done at the center include: adventure ropes, forest ecology, changing climates, stream study, rock climbing, voyegeurs life, GPS and geo caching, and a lake study
  • Sixth grade students had to complete an environmental service learning project that included what they were passionate about, research it in terms of how this issue impacts the underdeveloped communities the most, and then do an act of service. Some project examples were; turning off lights in your house to conserve energy, increasing the bee population, water quality,  endangered orangutans, and raising money for an environmental organization by getting pledges for biking instead of walking.


Restoring Our Natural Connection