•  St. Agnes created a 31 page book that was written in honor of the encyclical Laudato Si' which was published through Student Treasures.  It was dedicated to Pope Francis and a copy of the book was mailed to him as a gift.
  • St. Agnes students also designed an Environmental group bulletin board and wrote letters to Pope Francis about the Laudato Si' Project along with notes of gratitude to him for this writing. 
  • Celebrating "Earth Month", students made a float out of recyclables and had a little parade around our school with our Kindergarten friends playing on ice cream buckets.  
  • There was a school planting project called "Planting Love" and the flowers being grown were given along with cards to our homebound parish members.  It is a sign of our love and care for them.  Ms. Monica Weis' 3rd graders are beautifying the grounds by replanting the Easter flowers. 

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Laudato Si'

  • November is Native American culture month and St. Agnes studies the Native American culture and reads many books about how in tune to the Earth the Native Tribes are and the way they bless the Earth for all they have been given.



  • St. Agnes students do a nature walk through each season and discuss the changes they observe.

Restoring Our Natural Connection