How are you living Laudato Si' ?

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3.5" Living Laudato Si' Sticker

  • Do a garbage cleanup in a park or river site
  • Help with a tree or prairie planting project
  • Ride or walk to work or school
  • ​Donate to a conservation charity 
  • Take a hike with family or friends in a natural area
  • Sign up for an education program at a nature center
  • Create a vegetable garden or compost for your yard
  • Try to only buy local/organic food for 1 meal/week

Tell us what type of activity you did. Please include your city and state.

Action Ideas

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Restoring Our Natural Connection

Living Laudato Si'

"I am living Laudato Si' by carpooling, using a refillable water bottle, and going digital with more assignments to cut down on paper."

-​Owen, Milwaukee-WI USA

"Currently I am part of a construction project in Chicago, Illinois, where my role is to assure that the construction of the building runs without having a negative impact on the environment. For example, I overlook that products used on this project incorporate recycled content materials thereby reducing the impacts resulting from extraction and processing of virgin materials. Those materials are encouraged also to be extracted and manufactured within the region, thereby supporting the use of indigenous resources and reducing the environmental impacts resulting from transportation."

-​Magdalena, Chicago-IL USA


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"At my home, I have started with making compost, trying to reduce the use of paper and energy consumption. For work, I am preparing an engineering business in renewable energy and process design for F&B-industry.  I am also starting to sell photocells for energy generation and to go to bio-digester-system for power generation."

-​Harijono, Indonesia

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